Homestay Placements

The Placement Process

Once you’ve been approved to host with PIA, you will be included in our list of active host families, and contacted about upcoming hosting opportunities. The placement process typically occurs as follows:

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1. You will generally be contacted by email and/or phone 2-3 months before incoming students arrive to confirm room availability for the upcoming placement period.

2. Once you confirm that you are able to host an incoming student(s), PIA will reserve a placement for your family.

3. About 3-4 weeks before the incoming students’ arrival, PIA will send you a copy of their homestay application with their personal details, their flight information, a draft term schedule (if available), and a draft of your host family profile that will be sent to the student. You are asked to promptly re-confirm that you can host the student, share any updates to your host family profile, and report whether you can pick up the student at the airport.

4. About 2 weeks before the student’s arrival, PIA will share with the student your host family profile. The student may reach out to you by email to introduce him/herself.

5. The student arrives and the hosting experience begins! A PIA staff member will be at the airport to introduce you and the student.


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