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Why host an international student?

Hosting an international students can be a very rewarding experience for all involved. Host families get to learn about other cultures, share their own culture and family traditions, and build new friendships.

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Why host with PIA?

When hosting with PIA, you have a dedicated support network available to ensure that you and your student have a great experience together.

  • Our team works directly with host families to coordinate placements, make arrangements for student arrivals, and help with any adjustment issues during students stay. Help is always just a call away!
  • Our team works with students to prepare them for the homestay experience and provides continuous support and guidance. We also help students with doctors appointments and other assistance when host families are not available.
  • Our host families have access to 24/7 support in case of any student emergencies.
  • PIA offers a range of hosting opportunities to host families interests and availability, from a few days or weeks to several months or yearlong.
  • We offer a competitive stipend to host families to cover the costs associated with hosting.

What is expected from a host family?

A core value for the PIA community is providing a student-centered environment that facilitates interpersonal connections and cultural exploration. Our hope is that our host families also embrace this value for the students homestay experience.

PIA asks that host families provide each student with a warm and friendly home environment with some social interaction. Inviting students to family activities is not a requirement but is strongly recommended. Daily activities like cooking, shopping, and even cleaning, can be a great way to spend time with your students and help them practice their English. It is also a great way to experience cultural exchange!

Host families must be located within 1 hour and 15 minutes of the Warner Pacific University campus located at 2219 SE 68th Ave, Portland, OR 97215. To check travel times from your home, visit: TriMet Trip Planner.


Host families are required to provide students with the following:

  • A private bedroom with a door and storage for clothing and personal items
  • Access to private or shared bathroom facilities
  • Access to a study space (with a table or desk) in the bedroom or common area
  • Access to Wi-Fi internet in the student bedroom
  • Meals or food to prepare meals for three meals per day
  • Access to household facilities and basic supplies (washer/dryer, kitchen, laundry/dish soap, etc.)
  • Transportation assistance if needed, including airport transfers

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