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Mary Jean and Ben – PIA Host Family:

“We really have enjoyed having the students, interacting with them, and even with their parents at times.  This experience has made us more aware of our Asian neighbors, and more aware of our common humanity than our differences. We hope we give them a pleasant home life, good food, as well as conversation opportunities.

Last year we had Thanksgiving dinners three times, and Easter Egg hunts twice!  Many of the students cooked for us on occasion, so we visited the Asian markets and flavors, all new to us.  The Japanese festival meant more to us this year.  WE are proud of Oregon. So we had the opportunity to show off local festivals and sites and enjoy them again ourselves.

We are impressed with our students’ courage in traveling so far to visit a land and study a language so unlike theirs. They work hard in their studies so it is a pleasure to help them.  It’s exciting to see them improve in their mastery of English.”

Homestay Photo #6

Patti & Jay McCoy – PIA Host Family:

“When we first decided to host international students, we vowed to make our home their home.  In turn, we’ve gained an incredible new awareness of our own language and culture as well as their languages and cultures.  We’ve rediscovered the myriad natural and cultural wonders we Portlanders enjoy, and we take new delights in the regular activities we share with these students, whether shopping, camping, walking the dog, boating the Willamette, museums or picnic concerts in the park.  It’s like seeing our world through a new lens when we share these activities with our students.  They may be in our home for a short time, but in truth, they live in our memories forever.  We are now postcard and email “penpals” with students around the globe!  Thank you PIA–it’s a small world after all!”

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Yumiko (Japan) – PIA Student:

“Thanks to The PIA Homestay Program I can have a lot of experiences of American life with my host family.  They help me if I have a problem and everyday conversation is very helpful for my study of English.”

Sujean (Korea) – PIA Student:

“Homestay is one of my valuable experiences in the U.S. I’ve learned English and American culture through my host family, and they are my best friends. It’s very lucky to meet them, and I am happy to be a member of this family.”

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Salman (Saudi Arabia) – PIA Student:

“I am excited to do a lot of activities with my host family. Above all, my English has improved a lot while talking with them every day. I love them!”

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